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ELS21 Star Festival 2022

Yesterday Star festival was celebrated all over Japan.

However, this year we didn't do much to celebrate Star Festival because we almost forgot about it, we were so busy preparing for summer festival.

We asked students to write their wishes on the school's Instagram page.

During our night class we went to the rooftop to see the milky way to celebrate the Star festival.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any stars. However, we had a great time.

We skipped the class for 10minutes and talked with other class students.

Sometimes doing something new is important so that the student would feel motivated.

After the pandemic our rule was a bit loose, and we are planning to give fun activities for our students.

My post for the Star festival is a day delayed, but I still hope their wishes would come true.

ELS21 Tanabata VIDEO 2022



久々に晴れていたので8時からのMayumi, Machiko,Hinanoの中高生クラスのみんなと教室を抜け出し天の川を見に屋上へ!!







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