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ELS21 Summer Camp'19 Report


We had a wonderful 2019 summer camp. It was full of great memories, learning new things and students challenging themselves and having fun.

In total 120 people joined the camp. Can you believe over 100 seats were sold immediately. ELS21 camps are really popular because we always give them something new and special each trip. 

This time we were joined by: 

10 students of Megu from MELS☆Fuse

8 students of Maiko fromEnglish 385

4 students of Mariko from Kids Garden English school. 

and 9 students of Mari from Rocket English Club

Everyone became instant friends.

We also had five English teachers who were all friendly, kind, energetic and lovely; Ben, Don, Neil, Mupe and Matthew. They took care of the kids, supporting them and having lots of fun with them. The kids had a great time with the English teachers and could practice speaking English. 

With so many students we hired big two buses. 

Many of them were really excited to go camping. They counted down the days and couldn't wait to go camping. However some students were really nervous. It would be their first time to join an over night camp. They forgot their fears quickly once the camp had started we could see many happy smiley faces.

This years camp theme was 100 selected students going to ELS21 special school for learning multiple subjects, such as music, reading, science, arts and crafts and experimentation.

The lessons were given in English of cause. This encourages them to try to use English. We think it is very important to communicate with friends and teachers in English both inside and outside of the classroom.

Here is the emblem of our school. Also our school bag. It is really nice, don't you think?



Unfortunately on the first day we couldn't visit the river because of the recent typhoon. The river was too deep and the water was flowing too fast. The river guides said it was too dangerous to swim in. The students were a bit disappointed but they had good time with their team leaders and native teachers instead.

They wrote their post cards and finished their reports and diary.

After that we had a big BBQ. Team leaders, native teachers, Japanese English teachers cooked and served meat and vegetables for each team. Some of the younger ones also helped with the cooking. After the BBQ the kids roasted marshmallows.

Then we watched a film outside. It was something different for our students. They all sat quietly and enjoyed the outdoor screening.

With a clear sky we could also see the beautiful stars above us. We went for a short walk with torches. Some teachers hid and jumped out from the darkness to scare the kids.

Finally we had some fire works making lots of smoke. Some native teachers it was their first time and everyone enjoyed.

Then we took a hot bath and relaxed with their room mates.

Team leaders brought students letters from their parents. They read and some of them cried. They knew how much their parents love them. 

After the young kids had settled the team leaders and all the teachers had quick meeting. I think it is a really important time for leaders. They learn how much they have grown and understand they still need to improve their English level.

It was boiling hot and we worried about heatstroke. We tried to avoid too much sun exposure to keep the kids safe. We made sure they drank plenty of water. Luckily everyone remained healthy.

We want them to think for themselves about what they want to do or what they have to do. This is better than just relying on the teachers instructions.

On the second day we could go rafting.

It was the most exciting thing for them. As the river was full and flowing fast it was really good day for rafting. The rapids jostled the boats and splashed the kids keeping them nice and cool. On the way down the river some children tried to stand up in the boat whilst the instructor made it spin round. Where the river was safe the kids could jump into the water and splash about. Just before lunch there was time to float down the river and have the instructors catch you by safety rope.

After lunch more rafting down the river to the jump site. However the students couldn't jump off from the cliff. Many of them were really looking forward to jumping off. Like the day before the rafting guide thought it was too dangerous. The heavy rain gave us something good and something not so good. That is the life of the river.

We will think of more fun plans for 2021 ELS21 summer camp.

Please wait patiently as next time we will have many more fun activities for you.

To all the teachers, thank you very much for supporting us and giving the kids encouragement to speak English. All of them had a wonderful summer camp with you.

To all the parents, 

Everyone learnt something new during the two days. They challenged themselves a lot and tried new things.

We tried to make everyone comfortable during the camp. Some requests were missed. 

It is important for children to take what is just in their mind and vocalise it in a way others can understand.

If they want something they have to express themselves properly. They have to make their wishes clear to everyone. Japanese students think someone can understand what they want instinctively but this custom only works with other Japanese people.

Teachers will continue making fun and good communication lessons. Next time the students join our camp they will better able to speak than this time with native teachers. Please give them encouragement to speak English and support them and motivate to keep studying English.

Thank you.

See you at next camp in 2021


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