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We arrived from the 2-day trip with ELS current and former high school students today. It was a great and memorable trip. The teachers, students, graduates, and I did lots of activities together. The weather was perfect all throughout the trip. We enjoyed nice views and a relaxing hot spring. The hotel we stayed in was nice and the rooms were also spacious. We booked a big room at the hotel, and we had a party last evening. We also tried various street foods and snacks while walking around the town. We planned lots of things together and we were able to do them, so everyone was happy.

We visited a famous tourist area in Shirakawago. There were many foreign tourists during our visit and the students and graduates were able to help and talk to some of them. We were in Japan, but it felt like we went overseas because of the foreigners. I was happy to see my students communicating in English with them and some of them even took pictures with foreigners. This interaction showed the fruits of their hard work in studying English.

I was busy preparing for the English festival and this trip for weeks, however, I felt relaxed and refreshed because of this trip with the ELS high school students. The students and graduates also edited a video of the trip. If you are interested to see our trip, please check out the video. This trip will always be in our hearts and the good memories will last forever.

♪ First day Video♪

♪ Second day Video♪





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