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生徒ブログ 日本と外国の文化の違いを調べました

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A difference between Japanand a foreign countries. I'm interested in Japan andaforeign countries culture. Why they wear shoes in a house? Why we say “Itadakimasu” before we eat? How about their traffic regulation rules? What traditional Japanese foods we eat? I search everything. We usually say“Itadakimasu”before we eat. Why we say it? because I appreciate the life that was sacrificed.

we usually don't wear shoes in house but foreign people wear it in their house. In Japan, tatami mats are used but in foreign countries used wooden floor so they wear it. I was surprised when I looked at this.

In Japan we don't need to pay to go to public toilet but foreign countries need to pay some money to use the public toilet. For example in Italy people have to pay one euro.

“Sumimasen”is used several ways. First you can say it when you need help from someone. It means“Excuse me”,second you can say it when you made a mistake. It means“I'm sorry”I think Japanese“Sumimasen”has a different meaning.

What kind of traditional Japanese foods we have? we have udon,miso soup, sushi and other things. We can eat sea weed, an eeg, and natto but foreign people don't like these foods.


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