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ELS21 Profile

Life is a treasure box of surprises. 

Studying English is one way to open that box. 

Open the box and experience a life full of surprises. 



We provide Children and Adults with fun and innovative ways of learning English. We create our own learning materials for our students and adapt them quickly so they are always effective. Student feedback is a very important part of this process. Many students start from a young age and continue studying at our school until they enter university. 

ELS21's way of teaching English

We aim to teach useful everyday English that can be understood by native speakers. All our teachers are fluent in English and all have experience of living overseas. 

ELS21 Home stay program

Every two years ELS21 has a home stay visit to Australia. This creates motivation both before and after to study English. Whilst the students are with their home stay families they learn first hand naturally spoken English which is so valuable for future study. Even those students that do not go are helped to realize that future travel is possible to anywhere in the world.

Importance of English communication ​

Our aim is to provide a wonderful future for our students.ELS21 teachers know how magical it is to communicate in English and work hard to pass it on.

Why Japanese teachers?

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